WordPress is an easy-to-use blogging platform thatís been used by millions of bloggers world wide, and there thousands of free wordpress themes released by fellow wordpress developers, and here, at FreeThemesZone, our mission is to share quality free wp themes to fellow bloggers so that they can make a great blog and earn a living.

Does a Theme have that much importance?
A theme is really important to your blog, you have to choose a theme that pleases both your readers and search engines.
For your readers, you have to make the color and fonts attractive, and make them easy to navigate your blog.
For search engines, they look on your codes, you have to make sure your codes are valid and free from any kinds of faults.

Thatís why we at FreeThemesZone made this site to share quality free wordpress themes, all of our themes will be spam-free, without any hidden codes, ¬†and are licensed under GPL.

Hope you will enjoy our collection, have any things to let us know? please mail us.